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Sunrise School was started in 1990 at the request of the school districts in Fremont County. Over the years our program has been revised to fit the changes in our student population. We design individual behavior management programming throughout the year. All of our programs are designed to specific IEP goals. In addition, our academic program follows the state standards. Our Vocational program provides on-the-job experience. Our summer program provides a wilderness challenge for children requiring regression and recoupment experiences. The program enhances IEP growth. Our social workers provide individual and family counseling as part of our wrap-around program.

The Elementary and Middle School curriculum meets the Wyoming State Standards and includes Vocational, Career, and Social Skills Training in addition to the regular academic core subject areas.

Our High School students are required to meet the state standards; and, at the completion of their required credits will receive their certificates/diplomas from their respective districts. We also facilitate G.E.D. class attendance for those students who prefer to complete their education in that format.


After the Special Education team has met and a recommendation has been made for the student to begin transition back to his/her district school, the team will review the district curriculum. We will slowly introduce each specific subject area, to the student as the transition progresses.

Behavioral Program

The Sunrise School Behavioral Program includes use of the “Skillstreaming” Pro-Social Skills Program, individual counseling at least three times per week, group, and in class counseling or skills practice. An important offering is the ability to conduct family therapy up to twice a month with parents who are available. We maintain communication with parents about student skills, educational resources for parents, and available community or state resources for each student and family.

Wilderness Program

The Wilderness program is designed to provide physical, mental, and emotional challenges for the student. This is accomplished through a variety of outdoor experiences. Included in the student’s experience will be overnight camping, rock climbing, wilderness hikes, and a ropes course. Each student is encouraged to participate at his/her greatest potential in every aspect of the program.

Behavior Management Transition

Sunrise School is a Behavioral Management Transition program developed to work with special education students. In order to determine if a prospective student is appropriated for our program, we will need to review the following documents:

  • Medical records
  • IEP
  • Court Records
  • Psychological Testing
  • Counseling Records

After reviewing the student’s records, we will make a preliminary determination regarding our acceptance of the student to the program. Our determination will then be communicated to the district for its consideration at their placement meeting.

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