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Roosevelt Learning Center (RLC), a community based day treatment school of Region V BOCES established in 2001 providing behavior therapy and educational instruction to students from Sweetwater County School Districts I and II. The students have been identified as in need of special education services by their schools of origin. RLC serves students in grades 6-12. They are referred to the school by their Individual Education Planning (IEP) Team. Instruction and therapy for all students is individualized to best address the students’ unique learning styles and needs. The primary goal of RLC is to transition our students back into their general educational setting.

Vision Statement

Roosevelt Learning Center employs research proven behavioral intervention strategies to teach our students appropriate social skills that when demonstrated in multiple settings and situations, obviate the need for placement at Roosevelt.  Each student’s academic growth is governed through their individual needs; instruction is standards-based and is delivered according to their unique learning styles and reflects, as much as is possible, the graduation requirements of the students’ respective school districts.  Student growth is measured through classroom assessments, learning projects and their effort as outlined in their Individual Educational Plans.

Mission Statement

All students at Roosevelt Learning Center will be provided a safe, nurturing, individualized learning environment to facilitate reintegration back into their schools of origin and transition towards their post secondary life goals.  Students will be able to competently demonstrate decision making skills that will positively impact their lives and their community.


  1. All human beings can learn, but not all can learn in the same way.
  2. In a democratic society, all human beings have the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It is education’s purpose to ensure this principal through lifting the darkness of ignorance and lighting the lamp of knowledge.
  3. All human beings have the responsibility to treat themselves and others with dignity and respect at all time.

Academic Opportunities

The ultimate goal of each student is to learn behavioral and academic skills that will enable them to find success in the regular classroom and the community at large. Roosevelt’s curriculum is designed to facilitate this goal, and is aligned with Wyoming State standards to enable each student to earn credit towards Sweetwater County School Districts I and II’s graduation requirements. Region V BOCES is accredited through NCA.

Behavior Therapy

Research-based and proven behavioral therapies are employed school-wide to better equip our students to manage their behaviors in school and community settings. The practice of these approaches has led to significant gains in positive behavior changes with students at Roosevelt Learning Center. Several of these are:

  • Love and Logic: School-wide behavior management system that gives ownership of behavior back to the student.
  • Truthought: Promotes pro-social and positive thinking patterns.
  • MANDT: Developed to foster a philosophy of prevention in managing inappropriate and potentially dangerous behaviors.

Staff in-service and training ensures consistent application of behavioral plans. Roosevelt works with outside provider agencies when the needs of the students warrant.

Vocational Preparation

Many students enter Roosevelt with behaviors that are not only an impediment to their learning, but also present a significant roadblock to their success outside of school. Roosevelt Learning Center utilizes in-house and community based programs to teach and enhance those life skills necessary in the world of work and community today. Students will have an opportunity for job placements in-house, at job sites, or with outside agencies.

Community Involvement

  • To foster a sense of commitment towards others.
  • Guest speakers sharing vocational and life experiences.
  • Out of school field trips to connect school to community.
  • Opportunities for student volunteerism.

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