Executive Director Update

Winter is back with a vengeance. We were 1 degree in Wilson this morning.  Let’s hope it doesn’t last for long.

I have had a great week. I visited Carbon 2’s board meeting.  It was a delightful environment with the meeting being held in the High School library.  I appreciate their friendliness and welcoming attitude.  Next week I am presenting at Fremont 21, sharing the Region V BOCES report for the 15/16 year.  The week of March7, I was at Uinta 4, Sublette 1 and Fremont 14.  I appreciate all of the work these boards do for kids and for the students at Region V BOCES.  Our member districts are the backbone of our program.  Thanks.

The Executive Director interviews are shaping up. We have narrowed the field of 18 very good candidates to three finalists.  The interviews will take place on Monday, April 4, 2016.  We are using a process where each candidate will interview with 3 different teams.  When the selection is finalized I will introduce the new Executive Director to all of you.

Patty, Bill and I are interviewing a new teacher on Monday. The applications for the Kitchen Manager position have been coming in.  We hope to interview for this position mid-April.

Student numbers are staying steady at all three schools. Roosevelt is on spring break next week. Sunrise starts spring break on March 28 as does C – V.  We are already preparing for the hectic time after breaks are over.

C – V Graduation is set for Wednesday, May 25, 2016. We have at least three students that will be graduating.  Two of the boys are preparing a rap to share during graduation.

I will be announcing plans for a retirement party for Patty Talley, Beth Shockley and Janice Baker. All three of these ladies are long time employees at C – V.  Between the three of them they have over 100 years of education.  They will be greatly missed by all.

We have an amazing success story. A brother and sister that were at C – V have just left for their new home with adoptive parents.  These children made amazing progress at C – V and are now on the road to a much more normal environment and life.  There will still be issues but their life outcomes have just increased exponentially.  I am grateful to the C – V staff that worked so hard for this successful outcome.

Enjoy the basketball games and I hope you win your March Madness pool. : ) Doris