Executive Director Update

Happy Spring Break from Region V BOCES. While it feels like the dead of winter the calendar says it is spring  with Easter this weekend.  Our students will have to hunt eggs and baskets indoors this year unless we have a dramatic change in the weather.  Beth shockley has planned a celebration for Sunday with dyed eggs, special foods and baskets for each student.  Each year she works very hard to make the holidays special for the students that remain at C – V for the breaks.

We will have students that are remaining at C – V work on educational activities that relate to our gardening program. We will work on plant starts, repairs to the greenhouse, soil preparation, nutrition, and plant science for our educational program over the break.

I was at the Fremont 21 Board Meeting this week.  It was very nice to visit and update the Board.  I have a couple of weeks off before the next Board visit.

We are gearing up for the end of the year while starting on staffing and budgeting for 2016-2017. As in all schools this is a busy time; finishing one year and starting the next.

Have a terrific weekend. I hope the sun shines wherever you are!  : ) Doris