C-V Ranch Staffing & Services

Staffing and Services:

Teachers and Aides:  All of our teachers are certified special and regular educators who are trained in non-violent crisis intervention, first aid and CPR.  The student/teacher ratio is 4:1 in the middle school and 5:1 in the high school.

Special Therapists:  We offer speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.  Therapists meet with students during the school week and provide evaluations to C-V staff and student referral source.  Our therapists also provide services and evaluations for students in other school districts.

Therapists/Clinical Team:  Our staff psychologists and social workers provide psychological evaluations and counseling services.  We also provide on-site consultations with a psychiatrist every month.  The therapist/student ratio is 1:8.

Cottage Parents:  Cottage parents provide 24-hour awake supervision of residential students.  Cottage staff is trained in non-violent crisis intervention, CPR and first aid.  They work closely with therapists to implement behavioral programs in the cottages.

Medical Staff:  One registered nurse is on campus or on-call.  When unavailable local physicians provide medical services.  Our nurse provides basic medical services, and distributes and monitors student medication.  Local physicians provide other medical services such as dental.

Food Service Director:  Our food service director plans nutritious meals based on the diet restrictions of specific students.  Breakfast and lunch are offered on school days.  Cottage staff prepare dinners and weekend meals in the cottages.

Support Services:  Our drivers provide transportation for nonresidential Teton County students.  We also provide transportation for out-of-town students to travel home on weekends and school breaks.  Our maintenance crew provides snow removal, repair and custodial services.

Administration:  Region V BOCES’ executive director oversees all staff and programs.  The educational program director supervises educational and vocational programs.  The psychologist supervises the clinical staff and our residential program.  All administrative offices are on campus.

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