C-V Ranch Residential Program

Residential Program:

There are five cottages on the C-V campus, housing five to 12 students each.  Cottages are designated for younger and older adolescents, special needs, female students only and students requiring intensive supervision.  Cottage placement is determined in a team approach utilizing intake information to find the best match between student and cottage.

Cottage parents provide 24-hour awake supervision.  They meet with therapists daily to discuss ways to implement student behavior programs to create a therapeutic milieu for students to deal with individual and interpersonal difficulties.  Probelm solving and making positive choices is a focus of praise.

We strive to create a family atmosphere and therapeutic environment in the cottages.  With the exception of breakfast and lunch on school days, meals are prepared and served in the cottage kitchens, and each student is responsible for household chores.  Students are encouraged to participate in recycling and community service.  Group therapy takes place at the cottage to facilitate understanding and communication among students who are living together.  Students participate in sports, crafts, art programs and special individual interests such as dance, pottery, and gardening.

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