C-V Ranch Psychological Services

Psychological Services:

C-V has a wide range of students with varying disabilities and diagnoses.  Most are referred to us due to severe emotional and behavioral problems as well as co-existing learning difficulties.  These students require intensive behavioral and counseling intervention.

A full-time, school-certified, licensed psychologist supervises a team of social workers and psychologists to provide quality psychological services.  These include 30-day evaluations of new students, triennial evaluations to monitor student progress, and group, family and individual therapy.  Family counseling is provided if applicable.  Social skills training helps students learn stress managment, self-control, communication and problem-solving skills.

An on-site consulting psychiatrist meets monthly with students who need psychiatric evaluations or consultations.  Our team of nurses, therapists, teachers and  parents – if available – participate in these consultations.  We find a team approach to be the most effective method of evaluating student behavior and medication.  Based on these comprehensive evaluations, our therapists develop and implement intervention strategies and behavioral programs in the school and cottage.

Many of our students have experienced severe abuse and trauma.  We offer specialized individual and group counseling for these students, including the use of EMDR when appropriate.  We also provide treatment for children who have been perpetrators of sexual abuse.  Special groups address sexual issues and substance abuse.

For more information, contact C-V Ranch at PO Box 899, Wilson, Wyoming 83014
(307) 733-8210.

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