C-V Ranch Educational Program

Education Programs:

One of the unique features of C-V Ranch is our diverse population.  An education team made up of our teachers, psychologists, social workers, special therapists (speech, physical, occupational) and administrators work with the referral source to create an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) to meet each student’s needs.  We set attainable and individualized goals in each student’s IEP and monitor progress throughout the school year.  Our fully accredited (North Central Association of Colleges and Schools) education program has two components:

Developmentally Handicapped Program:
Our developmental classroom serves mentally and physically handicapped students.  We are equipped and trained to serve multi-handicapped students.  Developmentally handicapped students learn life skills, functional academics, vocational and social skills.

Learning Disabled/Emotionally Disturbed Program:
Many C-V students have been diagnosed as emotionally disturbed, resulting in serious learning deficiencies.  Our team of regular and special educators work closely with therapists to target each student’s unique needs.

The NCA-accredited K-8 and high school education programs include basic courses in Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education with technology embedded in the curriculum.  Our high school program teaches students life, social and vocational skills.  A speech & language therapist and occupational therapist are available for students needing help with a speech or physical handicap.

We use a level system to determine privileges, rewards and restrictions.  High school behavior is evaluated hourly.  Students must maintain improved behavior over an extended period of time to earn higher privileges.  In the K-8 program, student behavior is evaluated every half-hour.  These students have the ability to move up or down the level system on a daily basis.

Through an agreement with C-V Ranch, Teton County schools provide mainstreamed educational programs for students who demonstrate an aptitude for less restrictive services.  C-V teaching staff work closely with Teton County teachers to monitor student progress.

C-V offers year-round, activity-oriented education programs to those students who cannot return home during the summer and holiday breaks.

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