C-V Ranch Student Admissions

Student Admissions Criteria:

School districts, Department of Family Services and other agencies refer prospective students.  At the time of referral, C-V staff reviews the records of a prospective student to determine if we can meet his/her specific needs.  After a student is admitted, C-V staff conducts a six-week evaluation of the student to verify that C-V can meet their individual educational needs.  Our mandate is what is most beneficial to the student.

Students from Region V Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) member districts have admission priority, but students from other districts will be considered on a space available basis.  Region V BOCES serves specified school districts in Teton, Lincoln, Sublette, Sweetwater, Uinta, Carbon, and Fremont Counties.

The referring school district, the Department of Education, and/or the Department of Family Services fund services at C-V.

For more information, contact:

C-V Ranch
PO Box 899
Wilson, Wyoming 83014
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