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Executive Director Update 5/13/16

Update from Region V BOCES – May 13, 2016IMG_0556IMG_0555

Good afternoon. I hope your weather is a sunny and beautiful as Jackson is today.

I know you are all as busy as am I right now so I will be brief.

We are making terrific progress on the playground for our students. I will attach some of the more recent pictures.  Kelly Burnside, our maintenance Director, installed the equipment himself saving us about $20, 000.  He has done a magnificent job while still completing all of his other duties.  This is a new style of play equipment that encourages the imagination of kids and builds core strength at the same time.

I attended the Sweetwater 1 and Sweetwater 2 Board meetings this week. One of the best parts of going to our member districts’ meetings is to see the way they continually honor their staff and students.  It is heartening to watch the administration, teachers, students, parents and staff come together in positive ways to recognize their best and brightest.

I am retiring this year. On May 24, 2016 from 5:30 to 6:30 we have a meet and greet for the new Director, Dan Mayer.  Many of you know Dan from his work in Special Education across the state of Wyoming.  We are excited and pleased to welcome him to the Region V family.  Sam Hannon is our new Business Manager, Traci Mc Clintic is our new Kitchen Manager and Bill Oliphant is our new School Director at C – V.  Patty Talley is retiring after 38 years with C – V Ranch School, Beth Shockley and Micelle Dennis are retiring from food service after 35 years at C – V.  We have big changes and great opportunities in our near future.

Graduation is set for Wednesday, May 25 at 1:00 PM in the C – V Gym. There is a reception that follows and all are invited to attend.

In June I will be attending the JEC meeting in Casper to offer testimony on Enrolled Act 34. I will share that the BOCES programs and all other programs that provide educational services to out of district placed students should offer the same funding opportunities to all entities.  Dan Mayer and I will be doing transition work during the month of June as well.

I will continue to keep you apprised and informed up to my last day on June 30, 2016. : ) Doris